Bread Programme

Food belongs on the table, not in a landfill.

Did you know? Food from the Heart collects over 28,000kg of bread every month, which adds up to an astounding 336 tonnes of bread otherwise discarded in a year!


It all started with a local newspaper reporting about bakeries that dumped large quantities of unsold bread at closing time. Prompted by the report, Mrs Christine Laimer and her husband Henry co-founded Food from the Heart in 2003.

United under a common belief that good food should not go to waste, 120 volunteers started fanning out across the island on a bread run, a daily mission to save a mountain of bread and buns from ending up on the rubbish heap. Using their cars, motorbikes, vans and public transportation (some even on foot!), the volunteers took turns to ensure that the bread programme reached as many of the needy as possible.

newspaper Junked Food article

The Bread Programme today

It is a concerted effort between volunteers and generous donations from bakery owners. What started as 27 bakeries has grown to over 100 bakeries and major hotels. Today, volunteers go on assigned routes to collect bread from bakeries spanning all over Singapore, and distribute them to beneficiaries from welfare homes, senior activity centres, Self Collection Centres and other needy families island-wide daily.

Our volunteers are a mix of local and expatriate professionals, students, housewives, retirees and blue-collar workers – including City Cab drivers who use their spare time after work or after dropping their kids off. The entire process is a true relay of love. Our volunteers Isaac and Jin share their experience:

A Volunteer

What the future holds

In order to expand our bread programme to meet even more needs, we will need to engage more hotels and bakeries. We are eager to work with willing organizations that can contribute bread on a regular basis. Click here to donate.

If you drive a car, you can help us by delivering bread. Click here to volunteer.