Community Food Pack

Reaching needy families living among us

Did you know? Based on a study commissioned by FFTH by Bain & Co, and NUS’s Centre for Culture Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation (CARE), 12% (105,000 households) of Singaporean HDB households live on a monthly household income of less than S$1,500 ?

Why we started it

Aside from catering to the needs of those staying in the welfare homes, Food from the Heart recognizes the hardship experienced by other needy individuals and families who are staying in the heartlands. In order to reach out to this key group of beneficiaries, the Self Collection Centres were established to provide essential food items and other rations on a regular basis. Mary, our beneficiary since 2005, shares how Food from the Heart has supported her through monthly Community Food Packs and beyond over the years.

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Working With People, For The People

To reach out to the heartlands, Food from the Heart works with residents’ committees and family service centres to identify and supply essential food items and other rations on a regular basis. At present, Food from the Heart has set up Self Collection Centres all across Singapore, providing immediate assistance to people by helping put food on their tables, giving them much needed encouragement as they venture towards gaining self-reliance.

Since 2015, we have increased our efforts to provide food items of higher nutritional value. In addition to eggs, we embarked on distribution of fruits in 2016 to encourage healthy eating.

The Road Ahead

Food drives are vital and provide the necessary food for our neighbours facing hunger, and are essential all year round. To meet these needs, Food from the Heart collaborates with corporations, organisations and schools to organize food donation drives.

We also encourage manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and retailers to donate non-perishable food items that are earmarked for disposal by their standard quality guidelines but are still safe for consumption.

In order to expand, we will need to partner with more of the above organisations, especially bakeries, as well as getting more volunteers to join us. Each Self Collection Centre needs the support of 12 bakeries and about 100 bread programme volunteers.

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