School Goodie Bag

No child should go hungry in Singapore

The School Goodie Bag Programme in a nutshell: Food from the Heart works with schools to identify their most needy students, then provides monthly supplies to help their families make ends meet.

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The issue

There are children in Singapore who experience pangs of hunger every day and are unable to change their own situation. These children who do not receive enough nutrition become susceptible to illness, have a harder time concentrating in school, and may eventually feel demoralised. Our School Goodie Bag programme was created to provide relief to needy school children and their families in the form of food rations.

What we are doing

Working with various schools around Singapore, Food From The Heart supplies monthly non-perishable food items to families of the school children, supplementing their livelihoods with necessities such as rice, cooking oil, biscuits, beverages and canned food.

Following collaboration with Health Promotion Board (HPB) and Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA) together with insights from our beneficiaries, we relaunched the School Goodie Bag as Singapore's first HPB-endorsed charitable pack containing over 40% Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS)-certified items. Not only are our goodie bags more nutritious, they are now easier to prepare for meals, especially by our young beneficiaries. See how it has benefited Passion, a beneficiary of our School Goodie Bag programme.

I CAN Award

To motivate the school children further, Food from the Heart inaugurated the I CAN Award in 2013 with a primary objective to encourage and motivate students to have the “I CAN” attitude even when encountering all kinds of obstacles in life, and to seek their highest potential.

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Challenges & Opportunities

In order to receive a high-quality education, students must have their basic needs met so they can begin to focus on learning. High-quality education doesn’t alleviate economic poverty for the short term. When you get involved with the School Goodie Bag Programme, you help young men and women get the knowledge they need to avoid poverty in adulthood.

You can contribute to this programme under the ‘Adopt a Family’ initiative. Just $660 supports a family for a whole year, and $33,000 supports a school of 50 students. Click here to donate.